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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Product review Mario Olives

I received a sample of this product from and found it was interesting for me to try. First, let me state I do not like green olives at all. In fact, I do not even like black olives. I wanted to try them again to see if my taste has changed at all. I can honestly say, I still do not like green olives! I want to give you my honest review and not by just saying that I do not like them. The texture was fine, as it was firm and not mushy. You can taste the olive oil and slight hint of garlic. In addition, these olives are not pitted and do not have the brine. They are lightly seasoned with garlic and thyme. There was no funny aftertaste, or off flavor from a standard olive.. My husband only likes black olives and he said they were not bad. I did let someone taste them that loves green olives, and she thought they were good. What is nice about them is that they are portable and only need to be refrigerated after opening. The nutritional facts are serving size 5 olives calories 30, total fat 3g, saturated fat 0.5gm 0 cholesterol, and no carbohydrates. If you are a green olive lover, this product may be for you. If you want to try them out you can check
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  1. I'm munching olives right now! <3 YUM NOM NOM

  2. Great photos. I am totally craving olives now.