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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NARS Introduces Andy Warhol Collection Part 1

NARS Andy Warhol Debbie Harry packaging

We cannot wait for this collection to be released! NARS and Andy Warhole Foundation has collaborated to bring you this Autumn/Winter color collection 2012 line of  cosmetics featuring beautiful color combinations inspired by Warhol’s muses. Any Warhol was an iconic figure and inspired many people in the beauty world.Andy Warhol is known for his canvas paintings of celebrities
and Campbell's soup cans. Andy loved to use bold colors to create a dramatic look using abstract design. Furthermore, he has been an inspiring figure to Francois Nars for years and has used some of Andy's work in the past collections such as Edi eyeshadow, and Chelsea Girls Lip Lacquer. The 2 collections will be released in phases. The pop collection will be released October 1st at Sephora and The Silver Factory and gift sets will be released on November 1st at NARS

“Everybody is a Superstar. At least for 15 minutes.” (Andy Warhol)

Are you excited as I am? Wait until you see this collection! I will show you the collections in segments. This is a HUGE collection so sit back and enjoy reading about each piece.

Introducing the Color Collection!

LARGER THAN LIFE® LIP GLOSS Brilliant shine. Intense color. NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss provides lustrous shine that stays in place for hours, while lips feel protected and moisturized

NARS Andy Warhol Penny Arcade Larger Than Life Lip GlossNARS Andy Warhol International Velvet Larger Than Life Lip GlossNARS Andy Warhol Viva Larger Than Life Lip GlossNARS Andy Warhol Candy Says Larger Than Life Lip GlossNARS Andy Warhol Holly Woodlawn Larger Than Life Lip Gloss

From left to right

  • PENNY ARCADE- Raspberry


  • VIVA- Rich Rose

  • CANDY SAYS- Shimmering strawberry pink

  • HOLLY WOODLAWN- Bright orange-red

*Retail: $26
Available October 1 at Sephora and

NARS Andy Warhol 47th Street Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner

NARS Andy Warhol Satellite of Love Highlighting Blush

Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner takes liner to the next level. Rich, creamy color >glides on smoothly with a completely budgeproof finish. Black with silver shimmer. Retail: $23 Available October 1 at Sephora and

lluminating highlighting powders give skin a light-reflecting luminous glow. Wear alone or pair with other cheek products to create beautiful dimension on the face. Sparkling gold sand. *Retail: $28 Available October 1 at Sephora and

SOFT TOUCH SHADOW PENCIL A modern, multi-use pencil for shading, lining and highlighting the eyes with
a seamless, velvety finish.

NARS Andy Warhol Empire Soft Touch Shadow PencilNARS Andy Warhol Trash Soft Touch Shadow PencilNARS Andy Warhol Silver Factory Soft Touch Shadow PencilNARS Andy Warhol Heat Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

From left to right

  • EMPIRE- Black

  • TRASH- Vivid Purple

  • SILVER FACTORY- Aluminum

  • HEAT- Teal

*Retail: $24
Available October 1 at Sephora and

With incredible luster and prolonged gloss retention, NARS Nail Polish
shades use an advanced polymer system for extended wear and a durable,
chip-resistant finish.

NARS Andy Warhol Back Room Nail PolishNARS Andy Warhol New York Dolls Nail PolishNARS Andy Warhol Superstar Nail Polish

NARS Andy Warhol 15 Minutes Nail PolishNARS Andy Warhol TV Party Nail Polish

From left to right, then top to bottom

  • BACK ROOM- Black

  • NEW YORK DOLLS- Purple


  • 15 MINUTES- Yellow

  • TV PARTY- Vivid Orange

*Retail: $18
Available October 1 at Sephora and

This concludes the first phase of these wonderful collections. I will release the next segment shortly so make sure you stay tuned!!

What do you think of this collection so far? Is there anything that you have your eyes on in particular? I would love to try the shadow pencils and nail polish! I love bright colors. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.
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  1. INTERNATIONAL VELVET – Pink Glace LOVE IT!! I am absolutely going to try this out!!

  2. I love the colors very nice would love to try these

  3. Pink Glace and hollywoodlawn need to be on my lips!

  4. Candy Says lip gloss looks really pretty !

  5. I'm loving the Andy warhol designs! There are some great polish colors too!

  6. Very nice colors. I wouldn't mind wearing the makeup.

  7. LOVE the colors! Thanks for telling us about this, I would love to try some!

  8. They have done a great job with these new colors. I am not a big makeup person, but I am beginning to think that I really need to give it a try. It would be hard to decide what I want to start with first.

  9. The lip gloss,eyeliner and shadow are all beautiful. I would love to try any of them.

  10. I'm so obsessed with the new NARS collection! They are doing a ton of interesting things for the fall!

  11. I want the yellow, and orange polish for fall.

  12. I think I just might have to get myself the Candy Says lip gloss for my birthday!

  13. So in LOVE!!!! I love Nars bronzer. I do adore lip glosses and these look like such fun colors!

  14. Omg I love that Superstar nail polish! I can't wait!

  15. VIVA- Rich Rose
    i love your reviews

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