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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pilot Pens Fashion Collection for Spring 2013 Review

*Disclosure* I received these items for the purpose of a review. All opinions are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this review.  Your opinion may vary from mine.*
Pilot is launching three new products this spring to kick off the new fashion collection. These pens bring writing instruments to the next level, allowing consumers to complete any professional look down to the very last detail with the perfect pen accessory.
I love pens and find that I do not ever have enough pens lying around. I think my kids love pens too, as every time I try to find a pen they are always missing! I am going to start hiding my personal stash from now on because I hate pencils and do not think signing my kid’s homework assignment sheets with pencil is very professional. With that said, I am excited that I got this opportunity to review Pilot pens and it came at the perfect time! Let me introduce you to the three different types of pens I had the chance to try.

Acroball Pure White hybrid ink pens have the rich vibrant ink of gel and the quick dry power of ball point pen ink. This combined technology will give you a smooth and fluid writing experience. Acroball Pure White’s grip colors include dusk blue, lime, turquoise, cabaret, African violet and nectarine. You can find them with matching ink colors or black ink. In addition, Pilot offers a silver grip pen with black ink as well.
My Verdict
I really like these pens. The textured rubber grip makes it comfortable to hold the pen when writing. I am left handed and I am not sure if most people are aware but left handed people have harder time writing as we hold our writing instruments differently than those right handed. Therefore, it can be harder on our fingers when writing. You can find additional information on Pilot pens HERE. You can also find these pens at Amazon, Walmart stores, and Target.
Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 10.16.46 AM
The Fashion Collection G2 Roller is a great accessory for your purse, office, and home. This pen will give you a smooth writing experience featuring their long lasting gel ink formula. The comfortable writing grip contours to your hand to give you a comfortable grip each time. This Fashion Collection comes in black fine ink with silver, pink, orange, green, and blue design barrels. In addition, these are refillable. You can find these at Amazon, Walmart, and Target.
My Verdict
I think that the style of design of these pens match my personality quite well. The vibrancy of the metallic colors is not properly displayed in the photographs, and is actually much stronger. Designs of flowers lace the barrel of the pens that accent it beautifully. Since I threw some in my purse for when I was out, several people have complimented me on the design of the pens when I was out in the store. As well, the rubber grip on the pen is very comfortable for my fingers when I write. The best part is the ink does not smudge on my hand when I write with it! This is very important since I am left handed.
Pilot Frixion Clicker is an refillable erasable pen. The eraser sits on the top of the pen and the tip is retractable by pressing the clear clip down. Writes effortlessly and smooth and if you make a mistake it will erase clean! comes in red, blue, black, navy, and purple gel ink colors. You can purchase them at many mass retailers and online at Amazon.  You can also purchase them directly through Pilot.
frixion frixionerased1combined
My Verdict
This has to be my favorite pen out of all the pens I have received. I love this pen for various reasons. You can call me strange but I love blue ink pens. I think with blue ink the way it writes is smoother. I know that sounds weird and I am sure my husband would agree, but I love how smooth a pen writes when it is blue ink. Another reason I love this pen is the erasable feature. How many times have you written something made a mistake and had to start all over? I have many times! This is not just any erasable pen, this pen actually erases! When my older daughter saw I received these pens she immediately asked me if she could have one for school. When she tried it she was amazed at the results and told me that she hated her other erasable pen as it always damages her papers and does not erase well. I could not be happier to know that these will now be the only erasable pens we will be buying from now on. Why waste money on something that does not work? As you can see above I erased on the right paper the word frixion and you cannot see where I erased. Thanks Pilot! These are now the only pens we will be purchasing from now on.
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  1. Jennifer WilliamsMay 5, 2013 at 9:08 PM

    I love the new hybrid pens they came out with, they write so smooth and dry so quick. Love the pretty looks they are coming out with - wish the guys at work luck with claiming my pens with those.

  2. nice pens! I am always looking for new pens to tryout

  3. Very interesting! I would love to try these out, as a person who do a lot of writing I love finding pens that offer a few good benefit like' writing smooth, the ability to erases without damaging my paper. Sounds like my kind of pens!

  4. Wow I really like the sounds and looks of these pens, the ability to erase is huge! love rubber grips, no dent in the finger!

  5. I love the erasable ones. I like them all but love the ability to erase!

  6. I'm such a pen and paper girl that I would love these pens.