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Friday, June 14, 2013

Fellowes PowerShred M-12C Shredder Review!

Father’s Day Gift Selection
Disclosure: I received this item for the purpose of a review. All opinions are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this review. Your opinion may vary from mine.
How many times do you normally just throw papers in the garbage and not think about ripping them up ahead of time? I know I have many times. I have cut credit cards in half and tossed them in the garbage not thinking that someone could very easily put them together to get the numbers.
Identify thieves love to dumpster dive and steal bank statements, information that has your social security number on it, and other sensitive documents. Your identity is very important do not let it get into someone else’s hands! Only safe way to dispose documents safely would be to burn them or shred them. I am not sure if there is companies out there that shred documents, but if there is, I am sure it will cost a few dollars and over time, it would cost more than buying a shredder. I was so ecstatic when Fellowes
contacted me and asked me if I would be willing to review the M-12C shredder. I could not wait to get rid of old documents!
The Fellows PowerShred M-12C shredder is a great home or small office shredder. This shredder has the ability to shred up to 12 papers at once. In addition, it can shred credit cards, staples, small paper clips, and bills. The M-12C uses cross cut abilities to give you the smallest shredding as possible. On the top of the shredder are pictures to guide you of what cannot be used in the shredder. With the shredder on auto mode insert a piece of paper and it will instantly shred it for you. In the back of the unit is a switch that needs to be turned on as well. The front lever needs to be pushed over to the auto cycle. After done shredding slide it to the middle off position.
The PowerShred M-12C will run for 5 minutes continuously before it will trigger a cool down period of 20 minutes. In addition, this shredder has SafeSense technology, which means when hands touch the opening the indicator light will illuminate and the shredder will stop immediately.
Every time I turn the shredder on my younger son says, MOM!!! stop!!!! that is annoying! I will admit it is noisy; however, what shredder is quiet? So far I have had the joy of shredding old bills, old credit cards, junk mail, paper clips, and staples. I am finally seeing more space free up as I get rid of all the papers. It is highly recommended that you oil your shredder each time you empty your bin to avoid problems and will keep your shredder working at its best performance. You can use non –aerosol vegetable oil with a bottle that has a nozzle. Fellowes is known to make the world’s toughest shredders and what better way to protect yourself and others in your household by shredding documents that have your information on them. With Father’s day only a couple days away this would make a great gift!
You can purchase this particular shredder at your local Target for $99.99. This will be available online soon at Target and Fellowes.

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