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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NARS Andy Warhole Portrait Palette Review

NARS Andy Warhol Self Portrait Palette group shot
This is from the Silver Factory Holiday Collection. The palette that I got to review is the self portrait 3 of Andy Warhole 1967. Each one of these palettes have different variations of colors. However  they all have chrome logo on top and quotes on the compact mirrors.

2012-09-01 13.15.33
Beautiful chrome logo on top of the compact. Stunning compact!
2012-09-01 13.16.06
The self portrait 3 has deep brown with red tones and a light heather blue. In addition, this has some shimmer to the palette. On the mirror of this palette is a Andy Warhole quote that says, “I’ve never met a person I couldn’t call a beauty".
2012-09-18 22andywarhole.jpg
This is the look I created using this palette. It completely broke my heart to have to dip into my Andy Warhole palette. I feel this is a real collector’s item. However, I did want to try the colors out. I started out with some blue eyeliner against my lashline, and then added the heather blue from the palette. Next, I added some brown with a touch of red along the top of eye, and then finished off with some black in the crease. I blended the colors together with my blending brush. I highly recommend using a small brush so that you can get the colors as the black has very small areas on the palette.
My Verdict
Overall I was impressed with the Andy Warhole palette. I thought it did take a lot of blue to get the color I wanted to accomplish. I love to add a lot of color to my eyes and when I had to use a lot of blue to achieve this I cannot help to say I was expecting more. It is a very light blue color so maybe it was not supposed to be overly dramatic. Not everyone likes dramatic eyes like me so this would be perfect for those that want their colors to be more subtle. I thought the brown, red, and black combination helped brighten my eyes. Additionally, the eyeshadow lasted very well throughout the day. I put the eyeshadow on in the morning and noticed it held up with very minimal touch-up. The eyeshadow does not cake or crease. I would love to try out the other palettes to see how they compare to this one.
These palettes will be available November 1st at NarsCosmetics for $55.00
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Disclosure: I received this item for the purpose of a review. All opinions are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this review. Your opinion may vary from mine.

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  1. Those are very cool! I LOVE the middle colors!

  2. Very cool looking and I love the choices for the colors!

  3. Very nice looking! I especially like the red and blue tones together! Those are the most amazing compacts I have ever seen!

  4. Really good looking palettes. I'd be too worried about ruining the image, it would be hard for me to use it!

    1. Oh, I was heartbroken. I know it sounds dumb but I really did not want to ruin this palette. He know looks a little on the retarded side. lol Poor Andy!!!

  5. OMG! I love these palettes! Andy Warhol is great, and the fact that it's actually like a Warhol inside is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I love drama eyes, but I'm not that great at recreating them. Great job!

  6. Very nice subtle neutrals. :)

  7. great colors! love that logo, so cool...

  8. I love those colors, but even better I love that Andy Warhol designs are on there! I grew up in Pittsburgh so anything Andy Warhol has a soft spot for me! :)

  9. They're different, I don't know what to make of them, I like them, but wouldn't want to use them, they're too nice! :D

  10. These are sooooo cool! Nars makes great products to begin with and these just bring it to the next level!

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