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Thursday, September 6, 2012

NARS Spring 2013 Creatures of the Wind

This afternoon NARS has created the look for the Creatures of the wind runway show. "[COTW Designers] Chris and Shane were referencing a character from a Godzilla film. They had this idea of 'monstrous beauty' that's raw, but still ladylike," said James Boehmer, NARS Global Director of Artistry. "So we created a look on the eyes that's a little lived-in. It's not as anime and perfect; it's destroyed." Let’s take a look and see how this was created.

Below you will find the key products to execute the look.
What do you think about this look? Let me know in your comments. Stay tuned for more upcoming exciting things soon.
All products, except where noted, are available at

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  1. Still not a fan of the clothes but the make-up is pretty cool.

  2. I love the pointy shoes. I am not sure you could pull this look off in an every day environment, but it would be cool clubbing or bar hopping!

  3. make is kool but the outfits ugh

  4. Not my cup of tea for make-up or outfits but I'm betting the teenagers I know(and probably even my 11 year old)would be all over it. Its great how you break it down though so someone could easily duplicate the look if they wanted to:>)

  5. No offense, but I would never wear those outfits. Love the makeup though. I wish I was really good at applying makeup. I look like a toddler colored me. lol. I love to see all the different styles though. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who uses lip pencils on their eyes!

  7. Not my cup of tea but I think the teens and twenty somethings will love it.

  8. Love it for them, but not me ! This kind of fashion only works for certain people I think

  9. I agree with jusmel...looks great!, but not for me at all! Also, lose those yucky clothes! LOL! great review though! Very interested to see what all they come out with!