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Sunday, July 1, 2012

SodaStream Review

My initial reaction after discovering the SodaStream product is that this product could not compare to manufactured soft drinks. As I continued to investigate the product, it encouraged my curiosity further. Currently, over 60 flavors are available on the market for soft drink connoisseurs. This also includes the new Country Time and Crystal Light flavors! Fortunately, Soda Stream Direct, LLC provided me the opportunity to see for myself the quality of this product. Patiently, I waited by the door every day for UPS to arrive! One could say when I did see the big brown truck I was a little excited.

Quickly, I opened the packaging of the SodaStream with my children perched around encouraging me further. The first characteristic I noticed is the sturdy construction of the entire unit. Secondly, the complete process is self-contained within the unit leaving no cleanup to do. This is a major benefit since I am a busy mother of four! After I finished unpacking everything, I managed to control my urge to put it together long enough to take a few pictures of the product.

Placing the canister of Co2 in the machine was quite simple. First, you press the two silver buttons on either side of the machine to pull off the backing. Next, you place the Co2 container into the hole, and screw the container in counter clockwise tightly. Ensure you tighten the canister tight enough because the first time I made soda, I did not screw it in tight enough and the Co2 started leaking.

Hurried now by anxiousness to try it and encouraged by my children, I filled the bottle to the fill line with cold tap water. You will notice a blue water line, with what appears to be a faucet. Once this is completed, it is time to screw the one-liter bottle into the unit and press the silver button at the top of the unit to carbonate the water. I have found that three pumps matches the level of carbonation found in store purchased brands.

Once I removed the now carbonated water from the machine, I measured the Cola mixture to the fill line in the cap. In my haste to finish this task and try, I must admit I learned the hard way to follow the directions very carefully. Unless you wish for cola ejecting from the bottle as if it was a volcano, pour the syrup slowly while the bottle is at a forty-five degree angle. Replace the liter cap, and gently flip up and down several times. Finally, the decisive moment is upon us!

Actually, first let me introduce the benefits of the SodaStream machine. An immediate benefit is the savings that it will provide. Each 12 ounces of Cola costs an average of $0.25 to make, or $0.83 for a two liter. Compare that to the national brands nearing $1.80 a two liter. That does not include the two liters of bottle that are half full being thrown away due to it becoming flat!

In addition, the SodaStream product is much better for you than those from the national vendors .This is in part due to not having high fructose corn syrup. In addition, the diet beverages do not contain aspertame, it utilizes Splenda instead. I will display the differences in just the Colas, but you can see for yourself the difference in all of the products at:

Classic Flavors
Pepsi ®
Coca-Cola ®
SodaStream Cola

Long term, utilizing the SodaStream can help reduce the trash in our environment. A single person who drinks two cans of soft drink beverage a day will discard 728 cans in a year. Multiply that by the 311,591,917 people in America today and it equals to be 226,838,915,576 cans a year. With this product, only the reusable 1-liter bottle is involved. This produces less of a trash footprint for our future generations.
Finally, I go back to my first sip! It was delightful. The various sodas taste like a good generic soda. There is no bad after taste, nor a bad flavor. In addition, I prefer selzer water as it is much better than that you can purchase in the store of any brand. The flavored syrups for the water provide a great alternative different flavored seltzer water. I did find that it needs 1 teaspoon rather than the half teaspoon they recommend. No matter what you call it, soda, pop, tonic, or a soft drink, with a SodaStream you will just to call it good!

Disclosure: I was given this product for the purpose of a review and all opinions are 100% my own. Your opinion may vary from mine. I was not compensated for my review. 
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  2. I love the Soda Stream I think the flavors are just as good as my name brand sodas. The root beer is BETTER!!!

  3. I so want to try this! Your review makes me want it even more

  4. Oh man! I never would have thought it was such a break on calories and I LOVE my soda! I'm going to have to start bargain hunting for this.

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