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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Texas School for the Deaf Finishes Upgrades Provided by Pureology and Global Green USA.

On May 22, 2012, Pureology and Global Green USA provided Texas School for the Deaf in Austin Texas with a grant. The funds provided allowed the renovation of inefficient equipment and installation of new equipment by means of the Green School Makeover Competition. These upgrades allow the school to perform at a higher level of economic friendless that not only

reduces waist, but also saves money. As a result, funds that were allocated for utilities and paper goods can be reallocated to academics.

Now, the oldest public school in the state of Texas will not only save enough electricity to power a 2-bedroom house for a year, but also reduce water consumption to fill nine swimming pools! As well, filtration systems have been instituted that will reduce the use of 88,000 water bottles each year. You can watch for more info about all improvements at Texas School for the Deaf has accomplished at Http://

Thank you Pureology and Global Green USA for giving back to a deserving academic organization.


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  1. This the best info yet, Great info great way to support, I never tried Pureology color care line, But after reading this info. It makes you respect that company more for what they do to help others out, And also Global Green USA Great job xo

  2. I love Pureology and this just makes me love them more! Great job!

  3. So nice to read how a company gives back. Good Job Pureology!!!!

  4. The Deaf Culture and Community are a huge part of my life. As is all things "Green". I love Pureology for this and will continue to support GLOBAL Green USA <3